Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fell Off The Wagon

The blog wagon, that is. Not sure why - could it be that I've been just plain tired?

I'm learning about balancing demands of sleeping in three different beds each week, diasporic access to the internet to get into blogspot, being a patient myself (twice!) over the last two weeks and perhaps hitting the "over 50" number of deaths to which I have attended.

In spite of that, my faith is deepening, my love for my colleagues is expansive and my sense of call is clarifying. And, I'd love to blog about it all.

Thanks for journeying with me as I seek for this Advent season to blog when Ms. Muse shows up and technological moons align.

I'm going to just keep showing up in the moment!


  1. In reading of your experiences, I've regarded each blog as a miracle offering!

    A patient twice?! Recently? I do hope that perspective is now in the past tense!

    You keep showing up at the hospital, learning and giving from every angle, and the world will be the better for it.

  2. Your words about mutuality reminded me of Carter Hayward's words about God. So often, we get caught up in holding to strick boundaries which prevent us from entering a mutual relationship where God can more fully be expereinced. Carter talked about the boundaries that God broke down, went through, crossed when God became flesh. In the life of Jeuse we see God breaking all boundaries and letting go of power in order to have power with us not over us. Perhaps we should strive to allow the boundaries to protect us, but not prevent us from allowing God to be birthed within the relationship. All involved would be changed, including the Divine.