Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cone of Silence

The idea of the "cone of silence" originated in the 60's TV series Get Smart. In the show, it was a source of great humor as this amazing device could keep private conversations private. However, it rarely worked well and so any leakage created funny anecdotes for comedy.

This week is the last week of Advent. What I call my cone of silence sources from reverence and, as E. Peterson calls it, Fear-of-the-Lord. Its a source of wonder, amazement, joy and surprise.

As I approached the meeting with the Bishop, I placed a cone of silence over me. How shall I respond? How will he respond? In the end, amidst all my anxieties, I just showed up.

Our conversation was enlivening, infuriating, imaginative, and thought-provoking. I will continue to pray about this and when I'm ready, release my cone of silence. That's what my vacation is for.

Thanks for holding me in prayer during this time, in this moment.

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  1. I am so interested to hear about it. The job here that I so wanted you to have is evolving into something I don't think you would want right now, - but I still am looking forward to the day where we look back and see clearly every step leading to a great destination. Let's get together in January!