Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hands and Heart

On Easter Sunday I used the "flannel graph" board to share Our Story of Jesus to the children in the family service. 

The script outlines the story and the images flow nicely - beginning with God's Hands and Heart up on the board, then Jesus is born (add star, cradle and baby Jesus), then Jesus becomes an adult (remove baby Jesus and put up big Jesus, without robe) and is baptized in the river Jordan (add water strips at ankles, three drops of water at head and place Spirit Dove with Halo above Jesus' head).God's hands and heart stay up on the flannel graph the whole story.  When Jesus is resurrected, he, too, joins God in Heaven - and is placed on the Heart and in the Hands of God.

The felt pieces were soft and about hand-sized.  They were warm and cozy - almost snuggly.  The children sitting nearby reached over to feel the texture and opened their eyes wide with joy at the way the pieces stuck to the graph board.

I still had bits of felt lint on my dress as I vested for Holy Communion. With the image of God's Hands and Heart still in my head, I set the communion table and prepared to serve.  In kairos time - uncircumscribed by any time piece, I became one of those children as I reached to each communicant to serve - their cupped hands formed a warm, tender spot onto which I placed the host - The Body of Christ - and their searching eyes poured out love and met mine - The Bread of Heaven.

My heart and my hands were full of God's presence in that eternal resurrection moment.

How do you recognize God's Hands and Heart in this moment?

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  1. I love getting a peak into your message and creativity. Lucky Congregation!