Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sermon: Philander Chase, Bishop of Ohio

Sermon for September 22, 2015
10:00 Healing Service ~
Philander Chase, Bishop of Ohio
and of Illinois, 1852
The Rev. Vicki K. Hesse
St. Philip’s In The Hills Parish, Tucson, AZ
Readings: Isaiah 44:16,8, Psalm 108:16, Acts 18:711 and Luke 9:16
I speak to you in the name of One God:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

Today is the Feast Day of Philander Chase,
who died in 1852. 
What do you know about him?

Biographical information includes:

·        Born in New Hampshire, 1775
·        Raised a Congregationalist and came upon the BCP in his teens, confirmed Ep. @ 19 yo.
·        Ordained Deacon 1798 and worked in mission along the N and W frontiers (planted church at Lake George (N of Albany NY))
·        Ordained priest later that year and became rector of Christ Church, Poughkps NY (6 yr)
·        Moved to New Orlns (1805) to plant 1st protestant church in LA, now Dio LA cathedral church
·        Moved to Hartford (1810), now Dio CT cathedral church
·        Moved to Worthington OH (1817), 1818 became Bish of OH, est. Kenyon College and Bexley Seminary
·        1831 retired as Bishop, worked among the “unchurched” in So MI.
·        1835 became Bishop IL till 1852, including PB

What gifts do you recognize?
·        Perseverance, inspired by frontiers, unafraid

You can almost hear him reading the Psalm:
I will confess you among the peoples
For your loving-kindness is greater than the heavens and your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

As the reading from Acts testifies,
The Lord said to Paul,
“do not be afraid, and do not be silent.”

For as the gospel reading announced,
Jesus gave them (his disciples)
power and authority
and sent them out
to proclaim the Kingdom of God AND
to heal.
And so they went out, bringing good news
and curing dis-eases.

Now, that is church.

And Philander Chase must have been inspired to continually plant new expressions of church.

What is church?  Let’s look at BCP 854
(look at first two Q&A’s)
What is the Church and
How is the Church described?

Then, look at BCP 855
Mission of the Church?
How does it pursue its mission?
Through whom does it do this?
What is the ministry of the laity?

Now turn to BCP 860 Sacramental Rites
What is the Unction of the Sick?
è A form of prayer, anointing with oil or laying on of hands, by which God’s grace is given for healing
è Which is why we gather today

Philander Chase was filled with power and authority to build congregations, and so he did, in his context, continually seeking ways to proclaim the kingdom of God to the frontiers.

He asks us today, what are our frontiers? 

Think about your ministry and reflect:
How might you stretch your ministry?
Is it to share love with those you meet?
Is it to advocate for justice?
Is it to notice mercy and grace in your family?

Today’s good news is that just as Jesus filled Paul with power,
he filled Philander with power and
he fills us with power to proclaim God’s love.

To reach out and be a healing presence
With oil or with laying on of hands.

And to reach out to be the Church in the world.

For God’s loving kindness is greater than the heavens
And God’s faithfulness reaches to the clouds.
And so can we!


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