Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Be joyful in God, all you lands; *sing the glory of his Name;sing the glory of his praise. Ps.66:1

Let's call her Kathleen. I can't remember her real name, but I'll never forget her.
As I introduced myself, she interrupted me by excitedly telling me about her trip. See, she was an astronaut and maybe since she had been away was why she had not met me yet? She just got back from Mars, she explained. Since her husband (Joe Namath) was in the space program, she got to go with him. Oh it was an amazing trip.

What was the sky like? Was it blue?

The sky was not blue, no, it was red. Actually you could see the rings, you know? And the animals were all around, running free. Those creatures weren't like the ones we have here. They were kind of dinosaur-like. Not really house pets.

I guess not. What else was there?

Oh, the houses were very modest, you know. Kind of country style, nothing impressive. But there was not much air there so many people died when we arrived. I got to go because my son is Neil Armstrong. Have you heard of him?

Yes, he's a great guy.

Yes, I'm so proud of him. I think he'll be by to visit me and .... With very little probing, she continued to share all about her trip, her visits, her experiences. She continued in this way, Kathleen did. So excited and animated.

She was joyful, indeed, at all that God had created. Her free spirit and creative voice brought alive the simple TV room where the other patients were alternatively zombie-like and asleep. As I wished her well, she gave me a blessing.

I left with a boost in my step and a praise for all that God had created. What fun this is!

How are you showing up to this moment in joy?

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  1. What a wonderful perspective you view this with! Thank you for that contagious joy!