Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mid Point

December 15, 2009

Today is the official mid point of this year. December 15 is exactly six months since our start date, June 15. I'm thinking about how when you run a marathon, the real "mid point" is the 20 mile mark. That's usually when I hit the wall.

In marathon training, we gradually work up to those long runs. The cycle is three consecutive weeks of increased mileage followed by a week of restful runs. Eventually, the "long run" for the training is only 18 or so miles, with the theory that if you can run 18 miles, you can run 26.2. It's weird but it works!

Also, there's a three-way principle in place: you need to run and train, you need to eat and eat well, and you need to rest. Train, eat, rest. That's pretty much what life is like when you are training for a marathon.

In chaplain residency programs, I think the same principle applies. We need to train (initial visits, trauma calls, dying patient vigils), we need to learn how to eat right to sustain us and we need to rest.

I'm aware that this time is bitter sweet - half way done means hooray! and it also means Oh No! I love my team, the learning, the supervision, the course work, the ministry, the staff of the hospital, the routine, the experience. And, it's exhausting.

At this mid-point the advice that I give myself is to remember to train, eat and rest - and all shall be well.

"All shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well." Dame Julian of Norwich (1342-1416)

What is your mid-point at this moment?

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