Tuesday, March 9, 2010


At first, I could not understand why someone was calling me at the hospital from the hospital. Yes, you read that right. The caller repeated his name and title, "Security for the hospital," and informed me that unfortunately, my car had been broken into.

I was definitely in denial as I walked out to the employee parking lot. Down the steps, across the street, and the last parking slot just before the empty field next to the lot. Hmm. There is the police, taking fingerprints. There is the security guy, taking in the scene.

Are you kidding me? was the bubble over my head. I just finished the 30th hour on call and was fixing to eat lunch and leave. It had not been a difficult night, just the regular stuff: traumas, codes, regional-one-helicopter-drop-offs and patients in distress. I had some "sleep" between 2:45 and 6:45. Now this.

What did the theif take?

My binder of dozen CD's - some home-made, some store-bought, some friend-given.
My clothes for Monday (shoes, sweater, pants) and my dirty laundry (I was headed home after this).
My bible-on-CD set.

I'm pretty sure that "Don't steal" is one of the Ten Commandments - even one biblically-challenged as me can remember that one. But if you are going to steal, careful! Maybe the thief needed the bible-on-CD more than I did?

In the midst of this thiefing, I reflect on my own reactions. After inventorying my missing goods to the police, contacting my insurance agent and moving my car - after "doing" all that was needed to get through this trauma - I broke down. I was a mess. I wailed. I moaned. My colleague, C, held me up and brought me a sandwich for my drive home. I am embarrased to admit that it wasn't until about an hour later, that I realized that God was with me in that mess.

I found strength in remembering the reaction of the wife of a newly deceased man in the emergency center some months ago. Yes, honestly, this is what came to mind, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..." And the wife's round face, with her tears streaming abundantly like rivers and messing up her make up. Her big brown eyes looked up as she wailed for some time, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..."

In the midst of this all, You are with me. You held me close. I felt You!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10


  1. I'm so sorry. Maybe the Chucky Cheese Bandit will read your bible and listen to your CDs and repent. Maybe he will run a red light and end up under the scissors in the trauma bay. Or maybe Robin will remind you to live in the tension.....:) either way - I'm sorry.

  2. It made me sad to read this. And I took it personally,first, as you are my friend, and second,the odds are pretty good that I gave you at least one of those cd's. And I've only given you ones that are close to my heart. My mother used to say that if someone robbed her, she figured they needed what they took more than she did. So my frame of thought has changed a little: I hope, like Erin mentioned, that your cd's are played and are heard, truly heard.

    Yes, life to the full includes the unexpected and the unwelcome experiences, too, doesn't it?