Monday, November 8, 2010


We said goodbye to each other this week.

Eleven weeks ago, we were ten folks who didn't know each other. We were over ambitious, under employed, and looking for a purpose. United Way and our Pacesetter Chair transformed us into a team of supportive, hardworking, message-spreading advocates. For life.

Since Friday was our very very last day on the campaign, we gathered in a circle on Thursday to share each others' gifts. Thanks to one of our teammates who is a Spiritual Director and who knows how to bring out the best in others, we prepared 3x5 cards filled with five or more words about each person. What they were good at. What made us laugh. What we saw in them. What we hoped for them.

And for more than two hours, we shared and cried and hugged and laughed.

Eleven weeks ago, we were ten individuals. Now we know each other as family, as our support team. I'll hold onto those note cards for a very long time. And now I feel strengthened to say goodbye, to find closure in this ending, to grieve the loss of good colleagues, and to begin looking forward to what is next.

Thank you, my teammates! Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!

To whom are you saying Goodbye in this moment?

When the uproar had ended, Paul sent for the disciples and, after encouraging them, said goodbye and set out for Macedonia. Acts 20:1

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