Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Simple. Spirituality.

In Brian McLaren's recent book (Naked Spirituality: A Life With God in 12 Simple Words), the preface begins,

He was naked.
In broad daylight. In church.

McLaren goes on to tell the story of Francis of Assisi, who against his father's wishes had sold some merchandise to raise money for church.  Upon the accusation, Francis gave up everything, "I give you not only my money, but also my clothes."  And in his nakedness he "joined a long tradition of nakedness in the service of spirituality."

No, I'm not going to that extreme. (Yet.)

The book is about getting naked - it's about stripping away the "symbols and status" of religion, and McLaren does a great job at it.  With a focus on 12 words, I found ways to connect to my own innerlife and spiritual journey that at times has eluded me.  In the next few blogs, I'll reflect on how these words play out in fresh ways.


I pray for spiritual awakening and courage to allow myself to be authentic and "naked" before God.  Thanks, Francis, for the encouragement.

How are you spiritually naked in this moment?

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  1. ... I am raw and clear (naked) from being at The Wild Goose. ("Nekkid," as David LaMotte would sing!)

    Great to meet you both - sadly, can't find you on facebook :( - if you still have our email, drop us a line! or look on the Wild Goose page for a comment from me yesterday.