Thursday, October 1, 2009

Earth Awe

September 27, 2009
The earth has brought forth its increase; may you, our own God, give us your blessing. May you give us your blessing and may all the ends of the earth stand in awe of you. Ps. 67:6-7

If you know anything about me, you know that I love to be in nature. Today, I got to be in nature with my family and new friends. What a way to restore and renew myself!

The psalm reminded me of the wonder of all creation. Being in nature feels like a prayer and a gift - it goes both ways. It's a mutual relationship that I have with The More of life. As I ask for Creator's blessing, I also notice how the tall trees stand in awe of that More.

After climbing the firetower for a view of the Smokey Mountains, we descended into the valley along a ridgeline just outside of Hot Springs, NC. We jumped a few springs, busted through some cobwebs, spoke loudly to a fantastic spider, pushed back several thorn-covered vines, ducked under low-hanging rhododendron, and saw two (or was it three?) silver-blue beetles making babies.

We laughed, we pondered, we questioned, we observed, we appreciated and we breathed deeply.

We stood in awe of You.

How is the earth bringing forth its increase in your world, right now?

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  1. Leaving the prison tonight our eyes were drawn upward to the blueblack sky. The moon was an absolute lantern and a few bold stars could also be seen between the glare of the parking lot lights.

    My friend and colleague said it felt as if we could take an eraser and erase the barbed wire at the top of the fences.

    Time and again the beauties of nature that surround that place take our breath away.