Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. - Isaiah 66:13

Code Trauma: 45 yom - gunshot wound to the ... When I arrive in the trauma bay, the man is talking and explaining to the police what happened. Yes, he is in pain. Yes, he can feel it when the doctor pushes *there.* No, he doesn't have any allergies. Okay, he says, you can take an x-ray. I approach him... Is there someone I can call for you?

Trauma Alert: 38 yom - fell. They wheel him into major care. The EMS explain how he was climbing a roof, slipped and fell. Oh, when he slid off, he landed on the fence. I can see from the size of his hands that he's done construction most of his life. He lies still as they shift him from the transport gurney to the hospital bed. Registration asks his name, address, did it happen at work, and other questions. I approach him... Is there someone I can call for you?

Multi-Car Accident: husband and wife both in trauma bays. Both talking. X-ray for him. Wound care for her. On their way home from a church event and "that lady" turned right in front of us! ... Is there someone I can call for you?

Burley macho guys. Gang folks. Construction workers. Church couples.

Who can I call for you? MY MOTHER! I WANT MY MOMMY!

It is kind of a surprise, but really not. It happens over and over. I feel warm inside when they ask me to call their mother. Of course, I say... what is her name? I am honored to speak on their behalf to the one who is first on their lips for comfort.

Can you say a prayer for me, too? is usually the second thing they ask. Of course, I say...

Who is your comforter right now?

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