Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In the morning, I read the day's psalm.  Sometimes, there is written "selah" at the end of the verse, as in:

Psalm 4:4-5
When you are disturbed, do not sin; 
   ponder it on your beds, and be
             silent.                      Selah
Offer right sacrifices,
   and put your trust in the Lord.

My New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV), the commentary indicates:
"selah - a Hebrew term, of unknown meaning, appearing in only the psalms (and psalmic Hab 3).  Often separates subunits of psalms, and is mot likely a musicological technical term."

In one person's blog, I read that this word is used, "...to denote pausing in order to reflect,...It is in those places of “selah” that we get perspective of all that is going on around us. Perspective is like being in the eye of a storm – the place of peace and stillness where we can get clarity."

It seems appropriate that I have encountered this word so often recently.  I recognize that my life is in a "pause" space.  That's not necessarily bad or good - it just is.  As I reflect, take perspective, and pray, it seems that selah has something to teach me.  In this moment, it is "of an unknown meaning" for sure and seems to indicate a separation of subunits - between stories, between ministries, between times. 

I'm showing up, in this moment, to selah.  Sounds like a breath.  Breathing in. Breathing out.


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  1. I like the new look! And the reminder to pause and breath.