Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Alert!

I confess, I'm completely stealing Nathan's blog idea.

Here's the deal - there are four of us residents and three of us have blogs. Okay, we are geeks. Misery loves company? Allow me to introduce you to the other two bloggers now and their experience of this year.

Nate's 'Davar' - Nathan's blog - has a catchy subtitle. It's simply, "I laugh. I write. I care." This about sums him up! He's the one who keeps me grounded and honest and prevents me from saying "that's interesting."

His blog contains both personal and professional anecdotes. You can smell his dog here , you can learn about his practical joker here, sense his tender compassion here and there, or his ability to be present here.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed! He keeps showing up in the moment.

On Call - The Spartanburg Year is the title of Erin's blog.

After serving as a pastor for a decade and a half in the
7th Day Adventist tradition, Erin brings humor, perspective and a natural talent for pastoral care to our team.

She shares her smooth, silky words with readers on this blog. We all agree, she has kept this blog restricted to only "approved: readers for too long. We want Erin to Come Out Of The Closet!

All of you out there who read this.... (all three of you!) it's time to make Erin's blog open to all readers so you too can enjoy her whitty writing and gift for story-telling.

Click on the link above to see her blog. If access is still denied, you can email her by clicking here. To help you out, I've included a sample message to a stranger for you to copy and paste... just add your name!

Dear Erin,

Reading Vicki's blog lacks context without your insight! Please open your blog to the public so I may enjoy some quality blogging, and so that I don't have to get your address from Vicki and begin texting you while you are driving. Your compliance will make this easier on both of us.


On her site, be sure to read, "Bear Hunting," "Cheese Pastor," "Chaplain Down," and "Wading In" (one of her favorites).

So, there you have it folks. Two quality blogs full of wonderful, heart-warming and wrenching, sad, hilarious and whitty stories about life and chaplaincy.

That's how you show up to the moment!

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  1. Let it be known you're stealing more than just the idea. People: she's stealing my format and even my words at times!!!

    Theif! Come back here with my blog!

    But nice job; if you're gonna do something, do it right.