Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Good News

In my circles, this phrase has a pretty specific meaning.

Today, however, it means just that. Good news.

  • Good news that after three months after a driving-drunk car accident and resultant paralysis, the patient is able to use a wheelchair, will move to a rehab hospital very soon (possibly this week) and plans to speak at high schools about the effects of driving under the influence. His mother is so proud.

  • Good news that the patient who suffered a sudden, massive brain bleed last Wednesday and whose chance for survival was extremely low, today wrote (scribbled) a short note to her seven grandkids, can sign yes (thumbs up) or no (two fingers) and even the I Love You hand sign. Her ex-Marine husband's eyes are filled with tears of joy.

  • Good news that the WWII vet, hospitalized for a month for internal infection and pneumonia, has begun to eat (well, drink) real food and will move to a low-care facility soon. His wife, holding his hand, looks forward to him coming home.

  • Good news that the woman with Parkinson's-induced paranoia and disease-related GI tract issues could down a giant fruit smoothie and spoke with some conviction about her upcoming memoirs, which will be useful to care providers for patients with Parkinson's disease. Her husband, by her side through each step of this month-long journey, beams with gratitude.

As a Chaplain in a hospital, I find good news is rare to hear and even more rare to hear it all in one day! For me, that's Good News. God is doing a new thing in our lives in so many ways.

Cantate Domino
1 Sing to the Lord a new song; *
sing to the Lord, all the whole earth.
2 Sing to the Lord and bless his Name; *
proclaim the good news of his salvation from day to day.
3 Declare his glory among the nations *
and his wonders among all peoples.
4 For great is the Lord and greatly to be praised; *
he is more to be feared than all gods.

Psalm 96: 1-4
What good news is showing up for you in this moment?

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  1. Good News upon Good News has been shared with me this week! It began on Sunday and keeps on coming. It is showing me that God's love is for ALL of us, and also for each, down to particular details for particular people. As you described, miraculous healings do occur on many fronts! Seeing smiles after tears is so rich!