Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take Courage

August 28, 2009
On seeing them, Paul thanked God and took courage. Acts 28:15b

Yesterday I was "on call." A typical day of responding to pages to assist with healthcare-power-of-attorney, to tend to a tearful patient and pharmacy funding. The evening involved a cafe dinner of mac-n-cheese and other "Southern" foods and going to be early awaiting mid-night pages.

There were a few, but the one that really got me was at 4:30am. I responded to a trauma page and while there, got a bit light headed. As I walked down the hallway near the "Chest Pain" center to get some fresh air, I hit the floor. Literally.

"Are you okay?" the nurse said to me as I came-to. Well, I guess not if I am on the floor! I thanked the nurse as she got me into a near-by room, got me set up with an EKG test and when the doctor arrived, he asked, "when did you have dinner?" Oh, that was earlier today. WAY earlier. I forgot it was like 10 hours earlier.

He gave me a bit of juice, a nutrigrain bar and once my supervisor arrived to cover the on-call pager, I was feeling ready to go. I was cleared for take off. I thanked my supervisor, my teammates, my nurse, my doctor, and all the people who prayed for me! How can I be anything but grateful for being surrounded by trauma team and cardiac nurses and doctors when I fainted? I thanked God and took courage. I'll be on call again next Tuesday.

"Back on the horse," so to speak.

How are you thankful in this moment?


  1. I am thankful that my friend, Carolyn, is still alive. She is hoping for a miracle. She seems to be dying. The doctors are only providing palliative care. I am thankful for her hope...and her faith. I know she'll be okay whichever way it goes, but her hoping for a miracle tells me she loves this life, and that makes me glad.

  2. i'm thankful you're okay, and praying you remember to eat! xo