Thursday, June 25, 2009


June 22, 2009
Be alert at all times, ... Luke 21:36a

Jesus says this twice in the Christian Scriptures. In Mark, he follows it with "I have already told you everything," but here in Luke, he emphasizes that we pray for strength...

This is a common prayer theme in a hospital setting. Families, patients and staff - we all want strength. Strength to hear the news of diagnosis. Strength to deal with whatever that diagnosis might mean. Strength to stay present with our loved one while we wait for test results. Strength - emotional strength - not to "lose it."

But no one asks to be alert. In fact, there is so much over stimulation keeping me alert (pages, overhead noises, medical equipment, elevators, doors, etc.) that I may even be praying for strength to numb myself to these alert triggers.

I believe that Jesus means to remind me to be alert to my inner story today. How am I responding in this situation? What is the inner trigger that annoys me so much when that IV alarm goes off in the middle of my prayer with a patient? What personal family history do I bring to my colleagues so that when one reacts a certain way, I become the middle child again?

What is your inner story? What do you need to be alert to?

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