Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Sure?

God made the whole world so sure that it cannot be moved...Ps 93:2

If the world is so sure then why do I doubt? Why do I fear? Why am I second guessing? And what does the psalmist mean, "so sure"?

I ran along the road this morning, the one that follows the river. Sure enough, the birds were singing. Sure enough, the trees were rustling. Sure enough, the river was flowing. Sure enough, my feet plod along as I showed up for my morning run.

The ground felt very familiar. Solid. That's gravity for you. Of that, I feel sure.

Today will be formed by Sunday worship, and I'll pack my things into my car and drive south to to move into my new space. I will move into a new vocation. I will move into new patterns. I will move along a new road for my morning run. The air will move from greater heat and humidity.

Of newness, I feel sure. Perhaps just because it's sure does not mean it is not new?

God made the whole world, that's for sure, and as an organic, alive mass of creation that is moving and shaking. And on the days that God made the world, God loved it all. Including me - as a doubting, fearful, second-guessing human that is moving today.

Of God's creation, and of God's love, I am sure.

I'm on my way.

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