Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fresh Springs

June 20, 2009
The singers and the dancers will say,"All my fresh springs are in you." Ps 87:6

At a rate of about one page per hour, and I was not frazzled but busy and, actually, invigorated. What a honor to be present in the moment of so many family dynamics, so many questions, so many prayers, so many empty minutes, and so many footsteps.

Several calls required follow up visits and invited new dynamics and new interactions. While remembering each one is helpful, in the trauma center the situation can change in a heartbeat. Thankfully, team mates at each situation were generous in teaching and patient with my questions.

Sure there were interruptions. Sure the computer was error-prone with me. Sure the printer jammed. Sure the coffee nearly spilled. And each interaction brought me back.

Is is really possible to find Fresh Springs when we show up in the moment, no matter what the circumstances?

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