Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Set Me On My Feet

June 29, 2009
And when he spoke to me, a spirit entered into me and set me on my feet. Ezekiel 2:2

It's Monday! I tend to be a morning person and when I wake up, usually shut off the alarm quickly and "set me on my feet." I am invigorated by my work and it's seminars, reflections, prayers, interactions and times of just being. There are not many on-purpose times of just "being," I must admit. Perhaps that is because it's all so new, and I feel I have so much to learn.

"They deserve not to have a tired priest," one parish priest said to me in an interview. She explained that her responsiblity is to care for her self, so that when she is called by a member of her congregation (when the spirit enters her) she is to be ready to be set on her feet. Another priest indicated, "My job includes not going crazy." I think he is onto something, there.

When the spirit enters me, I believe it is my obligation to do a self-check and find out what is it that I need in that very moment, as well as what the "other" might need. In this way, with God's help, I can discern how to be a good steward of my SELF as well as my vocation.

How are you responding when the spirit enters you and sets you on your feet?

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