Monday, August 17, 2009


August 17, 2009
That night the Lord stood near him (Paul) and said, "Keep up your courage!..." Acts 23:10

I don't know about you, but I do need encouragement once in a while. And, I find that it comes in surprising ways, if only I stay awake to it.

Like today in the Chest Pain Center. He came in by EMS due to his cardiac arrest. He was unable to tell me about his family, nor can the emergency room nurse figure it out from the slip of paper in his front pocket. Another nurse found his wallet and between the three of us, we began making calls to various phone numbers to find out who were his people. I left some voice messages, as did my colleagues. We all looked at each other with that "what else can we do?" look in our eyes.

"Well, I'll just hover here and pray..." I mumbled helplessly to myself as the doctors and nurses continued to do everything they could to revive him.

One of the nurses looked directly at me and replied, "Oh, that would be a good idea! Thank you!" I guess that I underestimated the power of presence and prayer.

Who stood near you today and told you to keep up your courage?

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