Saturday, August 1, 2009


August 1, 2009
For,"in him we live and move and have our being" Acts 17:28

This is one of those lines that I wish I could remember when I am a)entering a patient's room or b)launching into a prayer or c)am feeling distant from God. Or all of the above. I think that if someone stopped me in my tracks, that I'd say, Yes! Of course, I agree with that!

It really informs how I think about God, how I envision Christ, how I sense the Holy Spirit. Perhaps I simply need to slow down. my. inner. clock. and pause. long. enough. to. remember. whose. I. am.

In this moment, how do you apprehend God?


  1. I just can't resist having a go at responding to your questions!

    How do I apprehend God? It does take remembering to apprehend God, doesn't it? Also, Charlotte's sermon today addressed physical and spiritual hunger. A person I spoke with after church was questioning a part of the sermon where she offered quote from CS Lewis that said that the hunger for God never goes away, but that it is a good hunger. (I think I am correctly summarizing it!) My effort to make the quote make sense is:

    The longing for God that never goes away but is good, is akin to my longing for my mother. I once knew oneness with her. She was my source, and with her I was affirmed, nourished, and encouraged to become whoever and whatever God's will was for me. And I believe that I (we) was (were) once one with God, and in this lifetime we are aware of, but separated from God, hence the holy longing that doesn't go away. I think we miss God.

    And at times when Ephphatha happens, perhaps that is when we don’t miss God, but are connected!

  2. I like the word apprehend. It's rich. Sometimes I realize that I 've attempted to drag Him along behind me as I rush around summoning Him instead of being in Him and that being why I live and breathe.... Deep breath 9. And then I try to do things His way.