Thursday, August 6, 2009


August 3, 2009
Why are you still talking about having no bread? Mark 9:17

It continues to amaze me. When I present a case study, or when I sit in a group session, the topic at hand is not really the topic at hand. And that's rich fodder for learning about myself.

I write the case study (Verbatim) about a woman who has undergone many losses. I said, she said, I said, she said...then I begin reflecting on how her sociological and psychological needs intersect with her theological and spiritual foundation. It's about at that point that I discover my own losses and how my own theological foundation is intersecting in my life.

I am stumped by how to be helpful in the midst of the trauma situation, when physical care for the patient trumps any spiritual need. In my reflection, I begin to see the metaphorical trauma that I am experiencing in my own life and how taking care of my physical needs has trumped my own spiritual self-care.

I'm really not talking about having no bread. I'm hungry for God.

How are you still talking about having no bread right now?

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