Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tell A Story

August 5, 2009
"A faithful family can laugh at hard times because they know the whole story." quote from a personal friend

I felt surprised by how jovial the family had been, even at the death bed of their loved one. I felt relief as I experience the lightheartedness of a woman who joked and laughed with the nursing staff - even while sharing in private her very dark side - how she has stopped eating from being emotionally drained by all her losses. I continue to be amazed by the human abilitiy to hold both joy and sorrow in one heart, and how faith is the glue that provides that capacity.

In my learning here, I am finding that the more of my own personal "whole" story that I can uncover, the more I have the capacity to live into faith.

How are you present to your whole story, right now?

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