Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holy Trinity

August 15, 2009
"I spell God with a capital N. Nature." Frank Lloyd Wright

Weekend transition time.

At morning prayer today, the open windows pulled in the cool air, the birdsong and the smell of freshly fallen rain.

During my morning run, sweat dripped down my back as my breath moved in and out of my lungs. My feel plopped along the river road as I dodged the few cars that were rounding the corners. I looked at the Kudzu which has overtaken nearly all the trees between the road and heard the river flowing around the curious rock cairns midstream.

I spent the afternoon with a friend, touring her new home and walking in the forest. We gasped at the bizarre mushrooms and smelled the dank air that settled near the stream. We laughed a bit and shared our strange new lives, filled with gratitude.

How do you spell God?

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