Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jesus, My Brother

July 25, 2009
Jesus, my brother, come heal my heart...
sung by Fran McKendree on the album Listening for The Heart

I've begun to appreciate how many people see Jesus as their sibling, their sister or brother. This song resonates in my head as I pray for healing, guidance, calmness in the pounding waves and answers to rhetorical questions. Jesus is as close as my siblings - no, closer. Jesus knows my heart, feels my pain, rejoices in my wonder and expresses renewal and transformation like no other.

Sometimes, for me, God is "out there" but Jesus can heal my heart.

What healing does your heart seek right now, in this moment?


Jesus, my brother, come heal my heart.
There’s a piece missing; I need help to find,
‘cause my life’s leaking out through the hole left behind,
Leaving me empty, helpless and blind.
While I am empty, Lord, fill me;
While I am blind, teach me to see,
While I am helpless, come take my part.
Jesus, my brother, heal my heart.
There’s a sea of emotion, I’m caught in a storm,
Churning with feelings, tangled and torn.
My love built a ship, it was swept off and lost,
Now it lies broken, twisted and tossed.
I am an ocean. Lord, walk on the sea.
Calm all the waves, pounding in me.
As the sun rises, take me back to the start.
Jesus, my brother, heal my heart.
Jesus, my brother, come heal my heart.
My bandages hide it, then fall apart.
The covering’s gone, the wound opens again.
Illusions will tear before feelings can mend.
Breathe on me, Jesus, the fresh air will heal it.
If pain is my teacher, just let me feel it.
Make of my pieces a work of your art.
Jesus, my brother, heal my heart.

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